Friday, October 27, 2017

Walking down memory lane ...

Wow - chanced upon posts from myself from over 11 years back ... thanks to an email signature from my not so often used email account! Amazing to read through the me from years ago, how much more have I achieved - from being a student / starting up my career, to being a leader.  The world has been kind, placed me in touch with people who care about me, and I care for.

My mind is still the wanderer, for instance, I started today wanting to print out something - my printer is on, I chance upon this email and look at the signature and start reading my posts and here I am back to blogging.

India has truly changed, more world influence and influencer, the cycle is unending.  We are the pantheon of people, developing with every passing moment.  Life feels great, life is Indian! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Empire Strikes back!

Its been sometime since I blogged and its like the blog gods have given me this opportunity to get back to blogging. Reasons … well not very pleasant, should have seen this coming. All these years of being feasting on chicken and its derivatives (naah .. not the financial kind, eggs basically) have now shown up on me. Am down with one of those bouts of CHICKEN POX! Its irritating to be at home alrite but I’ll be back … generations of chickens will bear the wrath of this attack.

With all this said, its one of those regular moods of mine. Keeping myself amused in the midst of this irritating and scratching. Off from office for the week and that is a relief. People from office, as always have been very supporting (I LOVE U GUYS!!). With cricket on TV, the sitting at home is lot less boring. Plus there is no silly team called India in the running so it’s cool.

Shall be off now, a little bit of scratching to get back to!!


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Exam Blues ....

Its been so long that I have been wanting to write on this blog .. just have not been able to get the time to put pen to paper or must I say fingers to laptop  Work has been great and currently my life is going through a level of self discovery… what I want really in life as against what I can get pretty easily. With my exams fast approaching, most of my time is spent in “trying” to balance study time and work and believe me .. it’s a total pain!!

Exams .. phew can be such a pain. But this time around the motivation is better. Plus I hear from my peers that the pass levels are being tested for further higher numbers of qualified Chartered Accountants this time around. This is my chance, this is what I need .. a stroke of luck built around the heaps of hardwork that needs to go to clear these exams.

Me already busy planning what I would do to reward myself once these exams are done. Well lets see .. there are guitar classes, a back packing trip, a visit to my grandparents house .. what more .. well a lot more good things. I need to get this exam out of the way. I really dont want to be taking these exams ever ever in my life!! Its so irritating .. the perfect anology for this .. the story of the frog that climbed up a some number of steps, then slipped a wee bit. Reminds me of my college days where probability was my pet hate and this silly frog just kept slipping and we were to calculate how much before he gets to the top!! CA is also like this .. I am the frog and the well ofcourse is the CA Course… only difference .. when you slip (i.e. not pass) you go down to the bottom of the well .. not just a few steps lower !! Wish me luck good friends .. the exam is in MAY!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Another Day .. another drubbing !!

The Indian Cricket team ... slitted, cleaned and canned at Durban. Pathetic display .. 90 odd all out !! Crap ... what do these guys think they are upto ? I guess before the World Cup is here, am gonna be a fan of some other team ... have my money on may be Zimbabwe or something ... better chances of an upset !

The Pepsi add is more like a pain call "Ooh aah India" ... U guys suck big time !! Its time to get you act together boys ... do something !!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Main Hyderabadi

The regular walks that I take to my office bus stop are made with my FM radio blaring in my ears. A program that is played on my favorite Radio Station at that time is Main Hyderabadi. It gets common people on air and they speak about their likes or the drawbacks of Hyderabad.

I always think to myself, how much I have really grown into Hyderabad. I would want to make this sound like some tourism flick but the place is so amazing. I have been here for all that I can remember of and have seen this place change at speeds associated with fast jet planes and the like.

The Call Center boom which I would have been part of … (well almost when I got a job with GE off campus which I gave up for an internship with KPMG) started all the development.

Chandra Babu Naidu added fuel to the fire, appreciate that man for all what he has done for the city. I always feel that he was a shrewd politician and a smart business man. Putting a city on the business map of the world, well other than for as a tiny speck was something unfathomable and this man with his legendary foresight did just that. Today we boast of the kind of infrastructure investment that only developed cities out of India can boast of.

People complain about the roads and the traffic the laid back attitude of people, but I must say that you guys need to be a Hyderabadi to actually enjoy every bit of it. I tell my friends from out of town that one of the best things about Hyderabad is that you will find people of all types and so making friends is something that is as easy as it gets. You are bound to meet someone exactly your type and at your wave length, be it a party pub hopper or a studious kind.

The language, the humor, the food and of course the “tehzeeb” with which people behave is superb. Given an option of moving to another town, I would much rather prefer to be part of Hyderabad. The “nakko”, “kaiku”, “hau mian”, the irani chai and the biryani are far too precious to me.

Hyderabad today is a fast growing cosmopolitan. Deloitte (the Company that I currently work for) has a tag line – “Where the best choose to be”, am just wondering if I would be able to steal that and allow that as a tag line for Hyderabad too  I proudly stand today with my head held high saying .. “Hau main Hyderabadi” in typical Hyderabadi lingo !

Ode to My Friends !!

Life’s good and it’s been a long time since I have been able to sit down and write on my blog. I bet most people who have been visiting this blogsite would have even given up hope on a possible update to my page.

Currently am faced with this question … do we really meet people by chance? Confusion is what really prevails whenever I try to get an answer to this. I have been very lucky meeting friends whenever I needed someone (I guess the BIG MAN upstairs is pretty happy about my actions!!) whenever I needed them the most.

The age that I am in makes me think in different directions. My spiritual self says that God puts in a person in your life when you need them, it may be a bolt from the blue … but it’s bound to happen. My awe for the movie series Matrix makes me almost believe that we are all part of a virtual realm and we as characters perform the activities that happen in the realm. Another angle to this question of mine is borrowed from the book that I read with great enthusiasm …. Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss.

What surprises me most in my life is that relationships with some people just click at the drop of the hat. I also have friends who have been friends for such a long time but never kinda hit the note to move to the next plane!! At the same time I have made friends with people who were strangers till a while ago and in an immensely quick time have come so close to the heart that losing them scares me!

Confusion prevails … but like to console myself with this Murphyism … “Well if it has to happen it will” but disagree in the sense that it doesn’t need to necessarily happen in the worst possible way!! I guess its not all chance that leads you to meeting a new person, but cause it was supposed to be that way.

Happy Friendship Day Friends!! Love u guys for all what you have been in my life ~ God Bless


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Radio Mirchi - Really Hot ??

Wednesday last week was a pretty big day for Hyderabad and its FM music lovers, the city got its first private FM Music Channel - Radio Mirchi. With all the big hype that was created around the launch - posters, banners and print media, I was shocked at the kind of music that was doled out on it all day - sad unheard of telugu songs !! I seriously had my doubts about all what I had heard from friends in other cities about the channel. Idi chala hot guru - sounded like real crap to me. Is the channel missing a trick ? Whom are they trying to target as an audience ? The youth or the people in the villages ??

But then came Saturday night and I happend to switch back to the channel - hoping to get some good telugu songs atleast. But was I in for a surprise ... I was listening to Club Mirchi and must hand it to DJ Aryan. Amazing music - made me feel so much better about the channel. Great club music and all of a sudden I felt that other than for the booze there I was in a club !! I stayed up till early morning listening to the songs.

Wake up in the morning and tune in to the channel .. and viola ... we back to the same drab !! Mirchi .. to be hot u need to have more programs like Club Mirchi, playing the songs that people want to hear. DJ Aryan, you have a fan in me for sure !! Keep up the good work :)

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Fairer Sex !!

I believe that, in general, women are saner than men – try a couple of these to prove the point:

  • Chances of seeing a women who pay good money to stand in an outdoor stadium on a freezing December day wearing nothing on the upper halves of their bodies except paint is next to impossible !!

  • Without males, there would be no such sport as professional lawn-mower racing.

  • Most men do not spend a lot of time fretting about the size of their pants. Many men wear jeans with the size printed right on the back label shrieking out ``Howdy! My butt is the size of a Federal Express truck!''

With women though, the situation is different, when a woman shops for clothes her primary objective is to purchase clothes that are the size she wore when she was 19 years old.  Worse still is the position the man lands in when his wife asks him the trick question “Am I fat?”, sad situation for the man – he is screwed either ways.  If he answers ''yes,'' she'll be angry because he's saying that she's fat, and if he answers ''no,'' she'll be angry because he's obviously lying.  

A quick pointer on how u can become rich .. soon .. Forget Rich Dad Poor Dad .. Start a women's clothing store called ''SIZE 2,'' in which all garments had labels with the words ''SIZE 2.'' I bet you'd sell clothes like crazy. You'd probably get rich, and you could retire, maybe take up some philanthropic activity to benefit humanity. I'm thinking here of professional lawn-mower racing.

Cheers !!